Volunteer with us!

The Hamburg Fair would not be what it is today without that genuine love shared by so many individuals that have supported it for 116 years!!!

A lot of sweat goes into putting the fair together, and we are very proud to see it all fall into place each and every year! We’re going to take a moment and toot our own horn!! We do this in hopes of getting your attention. We would love to see your participation. This organization is made up of a handful of people that start to brainstorm about next year’s fair before the present fair has even ended! We get that excited!! The board members are made up of both local residents and other from surrounding communities. It’s truly remarkable (toot horn here) that we meet only 11 times between fairs to accomplish what is needed for a successful event. We work together and share responsibilities and new ideas and pool our energy and get it all done. We’re always trying to improve upon near perfection! Please know we do what we do with you and your family in mind each and every time we come to a decision.

The Lyme Fire Department is a wonderful partner of the fair. Their dedication to the fair and the grounds year-round does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you!

Please email us if you wish to be a part of our team: hamburgfair@gmail.com. Thanks!!