Lyme Garden Club
Ann Evans 860-434-1746

Entries and exhibits Accepted in the Grange Hall during these times only:  Thurs 6-8pm & Fri 1:00-4:30pm


1. Entries must be grown by participant.
2.  Only one entry in each class allowed per person.
3.  Exhibitors must furnish own container. (enter at own risk)
4.  Use of milk bottles is prohibited by law.
5.  No professional growers or florists are allowed to compete.
6.  No commercially grown flowers to be used.
7.  No CT Conservation List wildflowers allowed.
8.  Foliage is allowed in all arrangements.
9.  Garden Clubs are welcome to participate.
10.  Garden Clubs may display special arrangements.


Children’s Division
(Age 12 and under)

Best in Show $5
1st Prize $3
2nd Prize $2
3rd Prize $1

1.  Friendly Critter: animal made from fresh fruit or vegetable groups: Ages up to-4 year, ages 5-8; and, ages 9-12)
2.  Miniature arrangement under 6” high
3.  Any cut flowers grown by a child (at least five blooms)
4.  Any arrangement in an unusual container
5.  Any house plant grown and tendered to by child
6. Dish Garden, Created and tended by child


Adult Division

Best in Show $5.00
1st prize $4.00
2nd prize $2.00
3rd prize ribbon


1. Best collection of roses: 1 variety 5 blooms
2. Best collection of dahlias: 1 variety 5 blooms
3. Nasturtiums: 5 blooms
4. Snapdragon: 5 stems
5. Marigolds (large): 5 blooms 1 color
6. Marigolds (small): 5 blooms 1 color
7. Zinnias (large): 5 blooms, 1 color
8. Zinnias (small): 5 blooms, 1 color
9. Your choice not mentioned (1 variety): 5 blooms
10. Herb collection (Identify all herbs): 5 varieties
11. Foliage house plant
12. Blooming house plant
13. Dish Garden


1. Miniature: 4” high maximum
2. Basket: flowers, fruit, vegetable or dried material
3. Unusual container: materials of your choice
4. Foliage: arrangement of leaves
5. Same variety of flower: one color or mixed
6. One Color of Flower: mixed variety
7. Your choice: any arrangement other than those listed

Garden Photo

Submit a photo of your garden. The Committee will choose one to
place in next years Fair book.