Vegetables, Fruit & Grains

For more information contact:  

Kat Kampfer 860-301-3300

Entries and exhibits Accepted in the Grange Hall during these times only:  Thurs 6-8pm & Fri 1:00-4:30pm

1.  No commercial growers permitted to compete
2.  Variety must be on entry tag
3.  Enter exact amount of specimens listed in this book

Excellent:  Free from injury, uniform in size, shape and color, of the best market size and quality, and true to variety type
Good: Clean, free of damage, similar size shape and color
Worthy:  Fairly clean, free from serious damage, similar in size, shape, color
Unworthy: Dirty, seriously damaged mechanically or naturally, extreme difference in size, shape or color, largest specimen is twice the size of smallest specimen.

Adult Division

Class 1 Vegetables

Best in Show $5.00
1st Prize $3.00
2nd Prize $2.00

Beans (all varieties): 6 pods per plate
Beets: 3 per plate
Broccoli: 1 head
Brussel Sprouts: 6 per plate
Cabbage: 1 head
Carrots: 3 per plate with 4″ greens
Cauliflower: 1 head
Celery: 1 bunch in water
Corn: a) sweet   b) ornamental: 5 ears in husk
Cucumbers (pickling variety): 3 per plate
Cucumbers (slicing): 3 per plate
Eggplant: a) purple   b) white: 1 whole
Garlic: rope or 5 cloves
Herbs: 1 variety in pot/vase
Leeks: 3 whole
Okra: 5 per plate
Onions: 3 per plate with stems
Parsnips: 3 per plate
Peas: 6 pods per plate
Peppers: 3 per plate
Potatoes: 3 per plate
Pumpkin (sugar or field): 1 whole
Radishes: 5 per plate
Rhubarb: 5 stalks
Shallots: 5 per plate
Squash (Summer): 2 whole
Squash (Winter): 1 whole
Swiss Chard: 1 plant
Tomatoes: 3 per plate
Tomatoes (cherry): 5 per plate
Turnips: 1 per plate
Gourds: 5 per plate (child: 3 small or 1 large)
Any other vegetable not listed – 1 bunch or 3 per plate or 1 head

Vegetable Baskets
1st prize $6.00
2nd prize $3.00

Arrangement (35 points)
Quality of Vegetables (30 points)
Number of varieties (35 points)

Heaviest Pumpkin Contest
Connecticut field:  Grown by adult $4   Grown by child $3
Atlantic Giant:  Grown by adult $4   Grown by child $3

Class 2 Grain

Popcorn: 5 ears
Shell Beans (dried): 1 quart
Sunflower: best seed head
Sunflower: tallest stalk w/head

Class 3 Fruit

Apples: 3 per plate
Berries: small basket
Grapes: 1 bunch
Muskmelon: 1 whole
Peaches: 3 per plate
Pears: 3 per plate
Plums:  3 per plate
Quince: 3 per plate
Watermelon: 1 whole

Class 4 Eggs (any variety): 1 dozen

Children’s Division
(12 years and under)
Age group I: Parent/Child ages 2-6   Group II: Age 12 & under

Must be planted, cultivated and harvested by child
Best in Show $5.00
1st Prize $1.00
2nd Prize .50
Vegetables: same as adults (Gourds: 3 small or 1 large)

12 items arranged by child   Judged on basis of artistic design and quality of vegetables

Oddity Class
1st prize $2.00
Unusual growth of a vegetable or fruit.

No Large Zucchini Accepted