Home Foods


For more information contact Doreen Lammer at 860-227-2979

Entries and exhibits Accepted in the Grange Hall during these times only:  Thurs 6-8pm & Fri 1:00-4:30pm

Baked Goods and Candy

Best in Show $10.00
1st Prize $5.00
2nd Prize $3.00

No Boxed “prepared” mixes allowed.
Juniors will be judged as adults except in designated classes. 
Juniors must be 15 and under as of July 1st of this year.
Please include sample jar for tasting. Enter plate at own risk.

Class 1: Pies (1 whole)

Class 2: Cakes
1. Frosted (1 whole)
2. Unfrosted (1 whole)
3. Cupcakes (6 on plate)

Class 3: Brownies, Cookies (Submit 6 on a plate)

Class 4: Breads
1.  Raised, unleavened (loaf)
2.  Rolls (6 on a plate)

Class 5: Muffins, Coffee Cakes
1. Coffee Cake (1 whole)
2.  Quick breads (1 loaf)
3.  Muffins (6 on a plate)

Class 6: Candy (6 on a plate)

Class 7: Junior Baking
1st Prize $2.00, 2nd $1.00
Brownies and Cookies (Submit 6 on a plate)

Class 8: Cake Decorating
Cake base may be made of Styrofoam and may measure no more than 12” high and 9” in diameter


Canned Food

Best in Show $10.00
1st Prize $5.00
2nd Prize $3.00

If a sample jar is not provided we may open entry for tasting.

Class 1:  Fruits and Vegetable
3 jars the same variety

Class 2:  Pickles, Relishes, Salsas
3 jars of same variety

Class 3:   Jams and Jellies
Includes marmalades, conserves, and chutney
3 jars of same variety

Class 4:   Unusual
1. One or more jars of unusual contents
2. Unusual display of different types of canned foods
3. 6 jars of  variety of canned foods, all different

Class 5: Vinegars herbs, peppers, etc.
3 jars same variety