CT State Baking Contest

CT State Baking Contest


General Rules

The contest is open to all men, women and juniors who are CT residents. Commercial and professional bakers are not eligible.

Junior (ages 7-15 as of July 1st) Senior (age 16 & up)

Contestants may enter the contest at as many fairs the wish until they win first prize. They will then represent that fair at the state baking contest. Please submit entries to both the local and state contest on disposal plates. The Association of Connecticut Fairs and the local fairs are not responsible for the return of the plates, trays or containers.

Local Contest: The winner of the Hamburg Fair will receive a blue ribbon from the Association of Connecticut Fairs and will then become eligible to submit their entry at the state contest.

State Contest is held as part of the Fall Meeting and Convention of the Association of Connecticut Fairs.  Follow this link below to get the complete contest rules and recipes.