Lyme Grange Fairgrounds
Hamburg Rd (Rt. 156) and Sterling City Rd.
Lyme, Connecticut 06371



Hamburg Fair Officers

President, Ted Powell III, 860-908-4906

Vice President, Jim Pernal, 860-608-6643

Vice President, Skip Beebee, 860-227-1071

Corresponding SecretaryAmy Wininger, 860-434-8370

Recording Secretary, Kathryn Tefft, 860-884-7025

Treasurer, Isabel Roberge, 860-304-1344


General Information & Activities

Children’s Crafts, Diana DeWolf Carfi, 860-434-7148

Children’s Games, Caitlin Courtney, 860-964-0081

Commercial Rentals,Kathryn Tefft, 860-884-7025

Entertainment, Hayden Reynolds, 860-304-1700

Flowers, Ann Evans, 860-434-1746

Food Concessions, Jim Pernal, 860-608-6643

Gate Superintendent, Audrey Ulmer, 860-823-0566

Grange Grill & Snack Bar, Jim & Edie Pernal, 860-434-5534

Handcrafts, Lois Evankow, 860-434-2737

Home Foods, Doreen Lammer, 860-227-2979

Ox Pull, Robert Cote, 860-301-0572

Photography, Howard Margules, 860-434-3550

Pony/Horse Pull, William Firgelewski, 860-391-3979

Poultry and Small Animals, Sharon Moroch, 860-531-9033

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains,  Kat Kampfer, 860-772-7844