Poultry & Small Animals


For more information, contact Sharon Moroch at 860-531-9033
240 Halls Hill Road, Unit 5A,  Colchester, CT 06415

Click here to download the Animal Entry Form

1st Place $5.00
2nd Place $3.00
3rd Place Ribbon

1.  Entry Forms must be mailed to Sharon Moroch by no later than one week prior to Fair at above address.
2.  Entries must be in between 12-3 pm on Friday.
3.  A heavy feed and water bowl must accompany each entry.
4.  Fair Committee will provide feed and water.
5.  Sick, infected, or abnormal animals are not permitted.
6.  Judging held Friday at 5pm.
7.  Poultry must be at least 5 months old to qualify.
8.  Poultry must have proof of being Pullorum and Avian Influenza free.
9.  Exhibitors wishing to sell stock must be present at time of sale.  No sales prior to judging.
10.  No animals may leave Fair grounds until 5 pm Sun and must be picked up by 6 pm.

Animal Classes

1.  Standard
2.  Bantams

Waterfowl and Other Birds
1.  Ducks
2.  Geese
3.  Turkey.  Pigeons (pair)
4.  Pigeons
5. Pheasants
6.  Quail (pair)

Rabbits (Purebred)
1.  Jr. Buck (3-6 mos.)
2.  Jr. Doe (3-6 mos.)
3.  Sr. Buck (over 6 mos.)
4.  Sr. Doe (over 6 mos.)

Rabbits (Pet)
1.  Jr. Buck (3-6 mos.)
2.  Jr. Doe (3-6 mos.)
3. Sr. Buck (over 6 mos.)
4. Sr. Doe (over 6 mos.)